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Welcome to Pink Fluffy Bunny
Pink Fluffy Bunny is a multi-gaming clan of over 150 players, currently focused on PS3 and PC multiplayer games. Since forming in early 2010, the Bunnies have been infusing their own unique style of flamboyance and determination into the winning side of many a multiplayer game.

The signature PFB style is of a close-knit group of diverse gamers pressing together to win against the odds. PFB is not about the sheer amount of members, nor are we about personal stats. PFB was founded on the principles of teamwork, cooperation, and desire to win. That cohesiveness on the field eventually translated to us building this website, where many of us hang out every day, chatting, joking, and finding new games to play together.

While we maintain our signature playing style and distinctive black-pink visual motif, we continue to look towards the future, and new multiplayer gaming worlds to conquer. Next on our sights is Dust514, CCP's upcoming MMOFPS on the PS3 system. Additionally, many of us group on the latest multiplayer games on both PSN and Steam for PC.

Apply today to join in!
History of the Pink Fluffy Bunny
As remembered by our former clan leader BattleCry1791

The Prequel

Every clan story you'll ever read has one thing in common. They came into existence as a result of a video game. In this case, it was an FPS developed by Zipper Interactive called MAG (Short for Massive Action Game). MAG was a first of it's find FPS, able to put 256 players on the same map (In reality is was more like 32 vs 32 x 4, but 32 vs 32 was still a pretty huge). I found out about MAG through "some dude I knew" at a local sports bar. I D/l'd the Beta and was hooked on the game from the get go.

I happened to be unemployed during this Beta phase and would play all day long (and sometimes days). As a result my Name started to get around and I hopped on the Message board and started posting my thoughts on the game, and ways to make it better (which were completely ignored until much much later).

As a result of this, I ended up coming into contact with a guy by the name of Autumnwindz. He and I exchanged a total of maybe 3 PM's on the board towards then end of the Beta run and decided, based on posts we had made, that we should start a clan together.

Mind you, we'd never actually PLAYED together. So when we formed the clan [W-H] With Honor, we were both quite relieved that neither of us sucked. In fact, we were both really, really good. So, myself and Autumn started our run on the Valor faction of MAG.

[W-H] was a pretty good clan for never having more than 11 guys. We dominated every game we ever played and could singlehandedly win games in MAG's Domination mode in the early months of the game...all of us were from the Beta, so it only made sense that we were wasting newbs and n00bs alike.

But [W-H] was short lived. We were hanging out with some other clans, like [EOD], [ABK], and [KEQ] (names are recorded here for posterity), when "The Big Group Glitch" was discovered. Previous to the glitch, the most guys you could get in a group was 8. Now, it was as large as you wanted to get. So larger clans started popping up in game, fielding 20 plus guys.

So we rolled up in a super clan called [VE], Valor Elite (and immediately after there were dozen's of "Valorcentric" clan names...out of the three factions on MAG, Valor had the most new players, causing it to be lopsidedly larger than the other two, but with horrible bad blue dots). And everything that [W-H] was, was magnified (pardon the pun) by [VE]. We straight rolled. The clan was actually led by a guy named Harbie. My role as co-leader was greatly reduced since I had gotten a job with late hours, meaning I wasn't logging on until late at night. Harbie quit to go save the United States from itself (to which I wished him the best of luck). This left me as the clan leader, which means that during prime playing hours I wasn't there. We had officers, and good ones, but it was a HUGE clan. And having officers around after a Clan Leader leaves just isn't the same. Eventually, the core of the late night (or all day) [VE] players and myself had just about had it with Valor.

As time progressed, it became clear that the dumbest FPS players in the world that chose to play MAG all flocked to Valor, the more US Military looking faction in the game. Also, Valor's maps were very hard to defend (the maps were not neutral in MAG at this time). Combine the two and the term Valor Blue Dot became a cuss word on the Forums.

So we left and moved over to Raven. But before we went we spent an agonizing two hours trying to come up with a clan name to operate under. Eventually we settled on [BTE] Black Talon Elite. In retrospect, it wasn't all that awesome, clan name wise. So we leveled through Raven, and had a good time doing it. At the time there were a bunch of smaller Raven clans that were playing when we were, and I felt like Raven was, overall, a better faction. But when most of us max leveled, the boys wanted to go back to Valor. I didn't really want to go back. But the guys wanted to go, so we went.

There was some mumbling to reform [VE] but that was really Harbie's clan and I was just along for the ride. Didnt' feel right to bring that back if it wasn't going to be as strong as it was before. Thus was born yet another small, short lived clan, [006] The Balls to Six. It was the nickname for the midwatch on Navy ships, and we played real late, so it kinda fit. Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore. The Valor Blue Dots were just killing me. I hated them. Even though I really like Valor's guns and their look, the majority of Valor Blue Dots could not be trusted to turn a doorknob in the correct direction. So I quit playing for a bit and told the clan, via a post on the forums that I was probably going to quit the game if we stayed on Valor. So back to Raven we went.

The Beginning and the End

Instead of agonizing over a new clan name, I pulled rank. Our idea was to form a temporary Clan to play together under and then join a different, existing clan once we got leveled up, so we didn't need a superawesome name. Back in the days of a bygone PS2 FPS there was a player with a name like ACuteFluffyBunny or something similar that was quite good at the game and I always remembered feeling particularly humiliated whenever he killed me. And I also thought it was pretty funny. As a result, when the fellas asked "What's our clan name gonna be?" I replied "PinkFluffyBunn-eh". To which there were laughs and guffaws. "So what's our clan tag?" "Smiley face" LULZ ensued, JamesR5955 vetted over and started the clan. I believe every member of [006] (like 10 guys) was an officer for the first week in PFB. So we played on Raven and had a great time. It wasn't because we were playing well or winning a lot (which we were) was the RAEG and the smacktalk generated by opposing forces over getting owned by guys with Smiley Face tags. Imagine that you've been steamrolled by guys with those tags, and then go to their player cards at the end of the match to see what the clan name is, and it's PinkFluffyBunny. "WTF?!?!?!?" Ah, the rage.

So we decided to nix joining an existing Raven clan. And then MAG changed a lot. Out came the 2.0 patch which brought on the Clan Deploy feature. This enabled a clan to put 32 guys in ANY game mode. Our small clan, while being skilled, simply was not ready for this. We started losing a fair amount to Zerg Rush clans (lots of guys, little skill but they kept coming at you). And one night I flipped, caused some drama, a few guys left the clan and I decided I'd had enough of clans for a bit. I left the clan in Autumn's hands and vetted back to Valor for a tour as a Valor Blue Dot.

Autumn and a few of the guys tried to keep it together, but it just wouldn't hold, and the original PFB scattered to the four winds. Some vetted over to Valor, some stayed on Raven, and others vetted for a tour in the third MAG faction; the hilariously OP'd SVER.

Eventually I got sick of playing as a random and joined up with the premiere Valor Zerg clan (for whom the term was invented), [KEQ] Kill Em Quick. I had long been friends with their current Clan Leader, Stylie77 (still one of my favorite people from MAG) and found myself in a mentoring role in that clan. But after three weeks or so it felt like work. And it just wasn't my show. So back to Raven I went.

I played as a random and eventually Joined JamesR5955 and Autumnwindz in the longest standing and best clan in Raven, [~^~] The Dark Flock. I enjoyed my time there. I was no where near as good as most of the guys on the roster, so I took more of a support role, chasing down tanks, repairing, etc. And then one day, james messages me and says he wants to reform the Bunnies.

Revenge of PinkFluffyBunny~

So I got a few of the guys together one week and we talked about it. Basically, I said "Take a week, see if you still feel the same way" A couple of days later on the Flock board, I get a PM from a Flock officer asking me if PFB is reforming. While James is hell on wheels with a controller in his hands, a secret on his lips is in dire jeopardy.

So I sed screw it and started the ole PFB back up. I was basically me, Autumnwindz, James, Inhuman21, Broxide (Darc Helmet), Freaky Pickle, and like 2 other dudes. Pretty much all that remained from the old VE roster so many months before. Not everyone came back, understandably so. But then I noticed this odd trend.

I'd log on, check the clan list in game and I'd see like three or four guys, that I didn't know. And this happened daily. For a month. Autumn and the boys went out and found some really great guys in the first couple weeks of the Bunnies rebirth. We used to only recruit elite players in our former clans, but the fellas threw that out the window. Instead, we just picked up good guys. Funny guys. And they happened to be pretty good at the game too.

About a month or so after the rebirth, the Flock went inactive and PFB was the closest thing they had to a sister clan, so we got the majority of their players. For the next two to three months, PFB was red hot on Raven.

Clan Battles, forum smack talk, membership, we became the premiere Raven Clan. There's youtube vids out there with guys decrying the fact that they were going against "that damn smiley face clan" and the fact that there were like, 30 of us. No one could match us in size and skill. In even large numbers, every match was a lopsided affair. To which I have to give my officers all the credit. Due to my job, I wasn't on for a lot of this. But I was there in spirit. And likely drunk.

The Decline of an Online Civilization

Even after the Great PSN outage of 2011 and the release of SOCOM4 PFB stayed pretty strong. But a lot of us lost interest in the game. At this point we'd been playing it for two years and the game had really gotten away from it's initial concept. On the forums we had been entrenched in an ideological war with players from the SVER faction and Zipper's constant catering to casual players with every patch they released. After SOCOM4 dropped, Zipper gave up on MAG completely and the game became a lag fest, populated by players that cared more about stats than wins, which used to be the ONLY stat that mattered. I wouldn't say MAG evolved, so much as it DEvolved into a joke and a shadow of it's former self.

So the Bunnies started looking for a new game to go dominate. And Brink was it. Or so we thought. To this day I still love a lot of the concepts in Brink. Looks don't phase me none, but as a clan oriented player, playing with and against bots, having no clan tags, much less clan battles, and no formal lobby system killed it for us. It's still a fun game from time to time, but it could have been so much more.

And now, the rest of the story

I tried to keep an interest in MAG, putting together theme nights and other events, but it just wasn't happening. Fact is, MAG was dead to most of us. So we officially became inactive, but decided to stay together as a core group, just looking for another game to play. And DUST514 is it. Hopefully, it won't be the same experience as Brink.

At the end of the day, the Bunnies are not nice guys. We swear, we TK, we trashtalk. But we're still the good guys. We don't cheat, or glitch, and everyone of us values the team over the individual. To all the guys that have stuck by me since the old days, good and bad, thanks a ton, I look forward to the next game we play on. To all the people I've offended over the years; you can suck it. And to everyone in between, this is how I remember it, so that's how I tell it.

Good Day.

DUST 514
Playstation 3
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