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Happy New Year !

Bunny Law: A Code of Conduct and Personnel Rules

Anyone who is a Bunny should consider themselves a Bunny first and foremost.

Violating the general Bunny Laws on any game is grounds for dismissal.

Any Bunny that plays a game 'officially' supported by PFB should look to rock the PFB tags on that game. For games where PFB doesn't officially have a presence, this is more flexible.

  • No cheating;
  • No glitching;
  • You must have a mic;
  • No alternate PSN IDs. Main accounts only;
  • No tryhards, stat padders, clan hoppers, alt PSNs, discrimination of any sort, or lonewolf types;
  • Have an open sense of humor;
  • Be loyal.
  • Malicious activity or otherwise improper actions (i.e manipulation of stats or other features) on this site are forbidden and are a bannable offensive.

Enjoy the site and Go Here for an explanation of our name and Clan History
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